Almeier is an international company focused on precise manufacture of innovative products for automotive and others industries.

Kaizen center Kazakhstan

Kaizen centre Kazakhstan is the only equipped centre in Kazakhstan dedicated to lean and kaizen learning. The centre was given an authorization to use the methodology by the official representative of Toyoya Engeneering Corporation.

Center Kaizen

Center Kaizen is an official representative of “Toyota Engineering Corporation” in Russia. Its main goal is to spread the experience of leading companies in the field of increasing productivity and organizing business- processes

Export Akademie Baden-Württemberg
For more than twenty years, the Export-Akademie has been actively cooperating in various destinations with the countries of Eastern Europe, CIS and Central Asia. In twenty countries, intergovernmental agreements are signed and centres for training and advanced training of company leaders, civil servants, middle and senior managers are established. Export-Akademie supports local companies in the development of new strategic markets and supports the intensive exchange of experience in its international network.
The Center for Statistical Technologies

The Center for Statistical Technologies includes three areas: the Analytera Performance Improvement Training Center, the Certified Forecaster and the Predictica Continuous Development System. CST is the whole range of knowledge, skills and services in the field of information analysis, forecasting and planning.